Alexandra Chando on The Lying Game

alexandra chando lying game The Lying Game is a popular American drama series in ABC Family, based on the novel written by Sara Shepherd.  The story of the series is set in Arizona and has Emma and Sutton as the main protagonists. Alexandra Chando on The Lying Game plays Emma and Sutton.  In the series Emma is a foster child, who finds out that she has an identical twin sister. Both the sisters in the high voltage drama series with elements of mystery are separated by birth. Emma’s sister Sutton has been adopted by a wealthy family. The girls then decide to exchange their places in order to find their real mother. Emma agrees to take Sutton’s place, however realizes soon that Sutton has some hidden secrets that Emma has to cover up in the quest to find their real mother. Alexandra Chando on The Lying Game has been appreciated and loved by the audience in the role of teenage twins in the search of their biological mother.

Alexandra Chando, who has the double duty of playing twins in The Lying Game has been the main attraction for the audience. The American starlet, born on July 28, 1986 was finalized for The Lying Game in October 2011 after auditioning for another popular TV show ‘The Vampire Diaries’ for the role of Elena Gilbert, which eventually went to Nina Dobrev. Chando was also screen tested for the leading role in ‘Remember Me’ with the teenage heart throb Robert Pattinson, but the role was finally given to the Australian actress Emilie de Ravin.

The Lying Game is now ready for the second half of the season to be aired from January 2, 2012. The 25-year old pretty actress finds playing the double role very challenging and is ready for the winter premier of the show. The beautiful star in the series, Alexandra Chando is best known for playing Maddie Coleman in another popular series ‘As the World Turns’. The Lying Game is primarily targeted to the young adults and Alexandra Chando seems to be the most appealing actor in this particular segment of audience. As Chando states that she can also relate to Emma in the Lying Game as Chando considers herself as a kind and thoughtful person. She also relates to the way Sutton handles things and deals with the problems emotionally. In ‘The Lying Game’ Alexandra Chando has worked with other popular actors such as, Blair Redford, Kirsten Prout, Helen Slater, Allie Gonino, and Alice Greczyn.

Although, The Lying Game was visualized as the same plot as the thriller ‘Ringer’, The Lying Game found its place soon in the hearts of the audience. The great performance in the series has put Alexandra Chando in the spotlight again. She is fast emerging as a new teenage sensation. It was the charm of Alexandra Chando that The Lying Game, which had got a green signal from ABC Family for 10 episodes, was finally broadcasted 20 episodes in the first season. And right from the second episode of the series the popularity of the soap went on from 1.39 million to 1.47 million viewers. With the second half of the season to be aired soon, the starlet is busy with the show and is sure to create the magic again.

Alexandra Plays Truth or Lie

alexandra chando the lying gameEveryone on is hiding a secret. Sutton never told her friends about Thayer or Ethan, Emma’s not filling the Mercers in on her true identity, and Alec…well, Alec probably has more to hide than anyone! But when it comes to real life, Alexandra Chando’s separating the facts from the fibs and playing our “Truth or Lie” game!

I was a good student: Truth. “I was really heavy into the theater program. I loved that,” Alexandra spills. “We had a great program at our school, and our theater director—his name is Mr. Smith—he was pretty awesome. My English teacher my senior year was incredibly inspiring. I liked him as well.”

I never cheated on a test: Truth. But the PA native fesses she was “terrible at math.”

I never cheated on a boyfriend: Truth. Alexandra adds that she’s currently single!

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